Prize Voucher simplifies the process of redeeming a prize voucher. It only takes a few minutes to redeem your voucher and is as easy as 1... 2... 3... Prize Vouchers are perfect gifts and rewards for any occasion.



Complete online form
Simply complete the Redeem form listed below, by entering your details and your unique voucher number in the spaces provided. Voucher numbers and order numbers are located on the bottom right hand corner of your Prize Voucher. Please ensure that you redeem your voucher before the expiry date indicated on the bottom right hand side of your voucher.


Receive automated email
Once you have submitted your details on the Redeem form an email will automatically be sent to you with the necessary details to assist you with your booking. Follow the step by step instructions in this email. Please, take note of the terms and conditions on the voucher.


Present voucher
Present your voucher on arrival at the supplier to claim your prize.
Go on, spoil yourself... you deserve it!

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